Pete Anderson

Peter Anderson compiled Cock and Bull Stories, a collection of humorous heartland stories with fellow country vet Peter Jerram. When not in the air, flying vet Anderson can be found at the Vet Centre in Blenheim ( He has worked with all kinds of farm animals and horses, and has a passion for sheep and beef cattle production systems. He is now principally involved in ‘on farm’ trial work and advisory work, and is one of the advisors in the sheep and beef ‘StockCare’ (Sheep for Profit) programme.In Cock and Bull Stories, these two Marlborough vets tell tales of the animals they have treated and the people who own them. These glimpses into the reality of a rural vet’s life are essential reading for animal lovers or anyone interested in stories from the heartland of New Zealand.
The Timaru Herald pronounced Cock and Bull Stories a ‘bloody good read’ which had the reviewer ‘laughing out loud’.
The reviewer in the Nelson Mail singled out the distinctive voice in which Cock and Bull is written: ‘Both authors write in a typical kiwi vernacular. Typical of vets, they don’t pussyfoot around niceties; they tell it like it is.’ The Waikato Times said: ‘There is something unpretentiously wholesome about this book . . . Both authors show a remarkable ability to tell a yarn with a touch of poignancy.’
While the Marlborough Express noted that the tales captured the ‘lifestyle and values’ of ‘farming families’, the reviewer in Countrywide found that the book operated on a range of levels: ‘Buy it and be prepared to be amused . . . [by the] highly entertaining and insightful stories . . . These two friends are not afraid to rattle cages such as animal welfare during live shipments, the dominance of vineyards, and the inability of some farmers to pay on time. They do it in such a charming way they will remain immensely popular and respected.’