Photograph by Amanda Wilson

Kelly Wilson

Born in Whangamata, Kelly Wilson relocated to Northland with her family at the age of five. Having grown up around horses, she competed in show jumping to Pony Grand Prix level, before focusing on her creative talents. She won a scholarship to Auckland University of Technology and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Graphic Design, minoring in Photography.
She is the author of three bestselling adult books, For the Love of Horses, Stallion Challenges and Mustang Ride, and a children's picture book Ranger the Kaimanawa Stallion. With her sisters Vicki and Amanda, Kelly has starred in a TV series, Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, following their work taming New Zealand's wild Kaimanawa horses, and travelled to America and Australia to rescue and tame wild horses.


'From our very first sighting of these horses we were all awed by their remarkable beauty.'

Kelly Wilson on seeing Kaimanawa horses in the wild

'I hope that thousands of people and horses around the world benefit from the knowledge discovered in these books.'

Kelly Wilson, Waikato Times (NZ)

'...Horses are the best teachers, and if they are well adjusted and happy you know you are doing something right.'

Kelly WilsonNZ Booklovers

Showtym Adventures

By Kelly Wilson

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