10 Futures

10 Futures

By  Michael Pryor

Two young people. Ten possible futures. Can their friendship endure?

Sam and Tara. Best friends in a future when artificial intelligence organises our lives, and mini pets are the latest craze. Best friends when rationing means cold showers and no internet. Best friends when genetic matching makes asking a girl on a date a minefield of epic proportions. But will they still be best friends in a future when plague wipes out most of humanity? Or a future when the Inquisitor asks Sam to choose one betrayal over another? Michael Pryor, one of Australia's best authors of speculative fiction, imagines what our next 100 years might be like. Utopia or dystopia? Miracle or catastrophe? Whatever might happen, it's just around the corner. Which future will be yours?

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April 2, 2012

Woolshed Press

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