A Crowded Marriage

A Crowded Marriage

By  Catherine Alliott

There isn't room in a marriage for three . . .

Painter Imogen is happily married to Alex, and together they have a son. But when their finances hit rock bottom, they're forced to accept Eleanor Latimer's offer of a rent-free cottage on her large country estate. If it was anyone else, Imogen would be beaming gratitude. Unfortunately, Eleanor just happens to be Alex's beautiful, rich and flirtatious ex.

And from the moment she steps inside Shepherd's Cottage, Imogen's life is in chaos. In between coping with rude locals, murderous chickens, a maddening (if handsome) headmaster, mountainsof manure, and visits from the infuriating vet, she has to faceEleanor, now a fixture atAlex's side.  

Is Imogen losing Alex? Will her precious family be torn apart? And whose fault is it really - Eleanor's, Alex's or Imogen's?

'An intelligent, acutely drawn picture of a difficult marriage.' Daily Telegraph

'A rip-roaring read that begs the question: how many people make a crowded marriage?' Sun

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