A Woman's Place

A Woman's Place

Life, leadership and lessons from the boardroom

By  Joan Withers

The inspiring story of one of New Zealand's most respected business leaders.

‘Successful women rarely set out to become role models. They just do the best they can, and hopefully that becomes inspirational for other women.’

Joan Withers left high school with School Certificate at the age of 16 and from those unassuming beginnings has gone on to manage one of New Zealand's leading media organisations and to chair the boards of several of the country's largest companies. An outspoken advocate for diversity in the boardroom and for equal pay for women, Joan argues that gender inequality holds back not only women but economic growth globally.

In this candid account of her life and career, she shares her journey from stay-at-home mum to CEO of Fairfax New Zealand, and in-demand company director and board Chair. A highly readable insight into business leadership and what it takes to succeed, A Woman's Place is also a call to action for women to set their sights on the top of the corporate ladder.


Nothing in my early life indicated that one day I would find myself sitting around boardroom tables with some of the most experienced and influential businesspeople in New Zealand, nor that I’d be helping to set strategy and reviewing the accounts of multi-million-dollar companies.

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