Big Change for Stuart

Big Change for Stuart

By  Lissa Evans

The second novel featuring unlikely hero, Stuart Horten; a fast-paced adventure full of magic and mystery, clues to unravel and puzzles to solve.

Stuart Horten (ten, but looks younger) is now the owner of a magician's workshop - except that without his Great-Uncle's Last Will and Testament, he can't actually prove it. Which is a problem, since someone else wants it as well; someone who has a lot of money.

The workshop contains seven magnificent stage illusions, but when Stuart starts to investigate them, he discovers that each is the gateway to a magical adventure, with a puzzle to solve, and a clue to extract.

As the clues mount up, the adventures become riskier. Friendship is strained, danger looms, and Stuart has to decide what sort of prize he really, truly wants.

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July 1, 2013

Corgi Childrens

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May 3, 2012

RHCP Digital

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