E3 Call Home

E3 Call Home

By Janet Hunt

The true story of how E3 the godwit got lost and E7 became a media superstar

**WINNER of the Non-fiction Award in the 2010 NZ Post Children's Book Awards Every year in March thousands of godwits leave New Zealand and fly almost 17,000 kilometres to Alaska, where they mate and raise new godwits, and then turn around and fly all the way back to New Zealand. This is the story of two godwits whose flight in 2007 was tracked using transmitters. Millions of people watched their progress on the internet. A male bird named E3 mysteriously turned back when he reached Papua New Guinea and then he ceased to transmit altogether. What had happened to him? A female named E7, however, showed that godwits can fly from Alaska to New Zealand - right across the Pacific - a distance of 11,200 non-stop kilometres. Packed with wonderful photos, fascinating information about godwits and other wading birds, this is an enchanting story, a brilliant book for any child. A true tale to spark the imaginations of children and adults.

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September 4, 2009

RHNZ Children's

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