Hostel Girl

Hostel Girl

By  Maurice Gee

A letter for Gloria was waiting in the rack. The envelope looked ordinary - Miss Gloria Wood written in ink - but Ailsa knew that crazy words lay hidden inside.
Ailsa takes a dislike to Calum Page from the day she is invited to play tennis with his sister. The Pages looks down on her because her mother is the matron at Woburn Hostel, but Ailsa enjoys her life there. In particular, she is fascinated with the love life of her beautiful, aloof roommate, Gloria.
Gloria begins to receive menacing love letters from an anonymous writer, and the girls realise he must be watching her - day and night. As the stalker closes in, Ailsa becomes increasingly convinced of his identity. And as she struggles to protect her friend from the complexities of obsessive love, Ailsa finds an unexpected ally.
A chilling story of obsessive love set in Lower Hutt in 1955.
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April 7, 2008

Penguin eBooks (NZ Juvenile)

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