What would you do if your sworn enemy was also your soulmate?

'Prepare to have your heart and soul and imagination invaded.' Isobelle Carmody

‘The Chronicles of Kaya sweep the reader into an unforgettable world.’ Sophie Masson

The kingdom of Kaya has been overthrown by a dark power. Trapped inside the dangerous capital, rebel leader Isadora fights the only way she can – by hunting those more monstrous than she.

Falco is the exiled emperor of a nation in tatters. But fate demands he abandon the mask that has long disguised his true nature, and rise to meet his sworn enemy, the deadly Sparrow.

No one is safe from the evil sweeping the lands, not even those in the far north strongholds of Pirenti. Crown Prince Thorne is plagued by ghosts, Lady Roselyn by the past. With his land and loved ones under threat, King Ambrose must find the strength to show his people a new way of life, or allow the nation’s legacy of violence to consume them.

As world’s end draws near the undeniable power of the bond ties Isadora and Falco together. The death of one means the death of both. But Isadora has never before surrendered to fate. She is determined to break free and choose her own path, no matter the cost.

The heart-wrenching final novel in the Chronicles of Kaya fantasy trilogy.

Praise for The Chronicles of Kaya:

‘I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Charlotte McConaghy has created a vibrant magical world full of emotions, fleshed out characters, kick-ass action and a bittersweet love story.’ Goodreads

‘No matter what I say, or how much I try to explain, some of you will just never understand that this isn’t just a book. It is an all-encompassing feeling that has stormed into my life and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be the same.’ Morgana’s Book Extravaganza

‘That was the craziest ride I’ve been on for a while – I’m exhausted. Someone fetch me my Valium and a tumbler of gin! Not only is it full of bad-assery, but it’s also heartbreakingly sad and full of eloquent expressions of love, suffering and the human condition.’ The Urban Book Thief

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January 3, 2017

Bantam Australia

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August 15, 2016

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I woke with his name on my lips and it burned. The lingering taste, as always, turned my mouth to ash.

Half a dozen warm, sleeping bodies were nestled around me, snoring quietly. I rolled over and stared at the ceiling. For the fi rst week or so I’d been acutely uncomfortable with their nearness – with the communal nature of life here. But this morning, as the sun prepared to rise beyond the windows and the walls, I felt a moment of gratitude that I was not, for once, alone.

Rising from the too-hot flood of blankets and limbs, I crept out into the small back courtyard.

I wasn’t the first. Only yesterday he had mended that stool, not with his magic, but with his hands, and now there he sat. I drew near, waiting for him to notice me in the dark.

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