Janet Frame Stories & Poems

Janet Frame Stories & Poems

By  Janet Frame

Janet Frame is regarded as one of New Zealand's foremost writers. She wrote prize-winning novels and a three-volume autobiography, numerous short stories and outstanding poetry. An ideal entrée to her writing is through her first published book - The Lagoon and Other Stories - and the only collection of her poetry published during her lifetime: The Pocket Mirror. The Lagoon and Other Stories won the Hubert Church Award, saving her from an impending leucotomy and ensuring, as she recalled later in her autobiography, that she 'was treated as a person of some worth, a human being'. Reissued here together to celebrate her life and work, both stories and poems show her playful explorations of language, vivid evocations of everyday life and consummate literary talents.

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September 10, 2004

RHNZ Vintage

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