Last Resort

Last Resort

By  Susan Lewis

From the bestselling author of A French Affair and Missing.

rejacketed reissue When Penny Moon is banished from Fleet Street to ressurect an ex-pat magazine on the French Riviera, the worst news is yet to come. Her partner will be David Villers, the man she once tried - and humiliatingly failed - to seduce. But when she arrives at the Riviera, she is surprised to find that, instead of the usual headaches and frustrations of restarting a magazine, all that should be impossible is easy. Then, quite unexpectedly, she meets Christian Mureau, a mysterious and elusive man who is wanted by the FBI, and her curiosity is instantly clouded by passion. Swept along by the glamour and intrigue of Mureau's life and increasingly affected by David's charm and humour, Penny finds her loyalties as mixed as her feelings. Feelings which lead her deeper and deeper into a web of love and deceit towards the terrifying consequences of two men's crimes - and beyond...

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September 15, 2009


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February 1, 2011

Cornerstone Digital

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