Rad Women Worldwide

Rad Women Worldwide

20 Mini-Posters

By  Kate Schatz

For holding high at your next protest march, gifting to a feminist friend, or hanging on your classroom or dorm room wall, these progressive posters based on the New York Times bestseller include 20 portraits--each with a powerful female on the front and her inspiring quote on the back.

Rad Women Worldwide shared fresh, engaging, and amazing tales of perseverance and radical success through riveting biographies and cut-paper portraits. Now here is the art ready for hanging or framing. Measuring 7x11 inches--perfect for an 8x10-inch frame--these colorful portraits feature widely acclaimed (and also less known) heroines alike.

The Rad Women include:
-Hatshepsut (The great female king who ruled Egypt peacefully for two decades)
-Malala Yousafzi (The youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize)
-Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft (Polar explorers and the first women to cross Antarctica)
-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Novelist and writer)
-Venus and Serena Williams (Tennis players and Olympic medalists)
-Faith Bandler (Activist and Advocate for Indigenous Australians)
-Kalpana Chawla (First Indian woman in space)
-Policarpa "La Pola" Salavarrieta (Revolutionary hero of Colombian independence)
-Madres de la Plaza de Mayo (A group of mothers and grandmothers who march weekly in honor of -their missing sons and daughters)
-Nanny of the Maroons (National hero of Jamaica)
-Frida Kahlo (Painter)
-Queen Liliuokalani (First and final Queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii)
-Junko Tabei (First woman to climb Mt. Everest)
-Miriam Makeba (South African singer also known as "Mama Africa")
-Wangari Maathai (Nobel Prize winning environmental activist)

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