Exploring the Paranormal In New Zealand

By  James Gilberd, Jo Davy

Investigating haunted buildings with New Zealand's very own ghost hunters.

Investigating haunted buildings with New Zealand's very own ghost hunters.

Are the dead really all around us, treading the boards of theatres, pacing the corridors of prisons, or terrifying the occupants of scary old houses? Or are ghosts just in the mind of those who think they've seen them? What is ectoplasm? And can you really photograph a ghost?

Join New Zealand paranormal investigators Strange Occurrences as they search for the truth behind the dark stories of some of the country's most infamous haunted sites, as well as some of its lesser known ones. In their quest for clues about the nature of ghosts, the team has travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand to meet mediums, psychics, fellow paranormal investigators, a skeptic or two, a real live parapsychologist, a 'hair raiser', the long-time usher of a haunted theatre, the owners of New Zealand's most haunted pub, and perhaps even a ghost or two.

They also tell you about the history of paranormal research, from its origins in the séance rooms of Victorian England to the TV shows of today, and show you how to unravel the mysteries of orbs and other photographic oddities.

In Spooked, you'll encounter a range of beliefs, theories, a bit of history, accounts of actual paranormal investigations, creepy stories of ghostly encounters, and some pretty heavy science stuff that might just make the hinges of your brain creak apart.

As for the truth about spooks? Well, that's for you to decide ...

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November 1, 2011

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