The Wife's Tale

The Wife's Tale

By  Christine Wells

The Wife's Tale is a spellbinding story of murder, family secrets and a scandalous affair.

An unforgettable novel that transports the reader from modern day Australia to the windswept Isle of Wight and the courtrooms of London in the 1780s.

With her marriage on the rocks, workaholic lawyer Liz Jones agrees to visit Seagrove, a stately home on the Isle of Wight, while she quietly investigates its provenance on behalf of a client. When she discovers Seagrove is linked to a notorious eighteenth-century court case, Liz becomes fascinated – not only by the house and its history, but also by its current owners.

In the winter of 1789, the infamous Delany Nash scandalised London when details of her alleged affair with her husband's brother were aired in a public courtroom. Yet her journals reveal an extraordinary woman's tale of passion, betrayal and heartbreak.

Captivated by Delany's story, Liz delves into her research but the more she uncovers, the more she jeopardises the future of everyone at Seagrove. For there are dark secrets that surround the house, and when the truth emerges the repercussions will echo down through the centuries.

The Wife's Tale is a spellbinding story of murder, family secrets and a scandalous affair.

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May 2, 2016

Michael Joseph (AU Adult)

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May 1, 2016

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Brisbane, Australia, present day

Liz Jones dived for the phone on the nightstand as her ‘Eye of the Tiger’ ring tone shattered the pre-dawn stillness. Cursing under her breath, she juggled the mobile and stabbed at the ‘off’ button. The phone stopped ringing. A heavy silence descended.

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