What the Raven Saw

What the Raven Saw

By  Samantha-Ellen Bound

A timeless fable about the most unlikely of heroes.

A timeless fable about the most unlikely of heroes.

Raven is having a rough day. All he wants to do is sit in his belltower, marvel over his treasures and revel in his own magnificence.

But if it isn’t pesky pigeons and beady-eyed weatherhens annoying him, it’s those humans tramping about among his graves. Soon he’s forced to deal with a ghost boy and the sister he left behind, a man stuck up a tree, and a lovesick scarecrow. And that’s before he uncovers a thief. Will the raven ever be able to eat his bugs in peace?

What the Raven Saw is an enchanting story for all ages about one cranky raven, one extraordinary churchyard and the songs that inhabit both.

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March 15, 2013

Woolshed Press

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Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature