Aphrodite's War

Aphrodite's War

By  Andrea Busfield

First class women's fiction for fans of Lesley Lokko and Margaret Cezair-Thompson, a mediterranean story of war, tragedy and passion.

Fifteen-year-old Loukis is the last of four boys to be born into a big rural Cypriot family. He is mad to be free of his youngest son status, and to get the girl he loves, he elopes to join the resistance forces against the British. Joining a cell operating as irritants in the mountains, Loukis forges a firm friendship with his fellow schoolboy terrorists. Toulla, the lone female comrade in arms, shines a candle for Loukis, but Loukis' heart is firmly spoken for. But on a hot, lazy day, as Toulla goes running into their hideout where their beloved friend Stelios is making bombs, Loukis hears a deafening explosion. It is an atrocity no enemy could ever have committed. Stricken by the appalling tragedy, teenage Loukis returns to his village a Man. But he is met with devasting brotherly rivalry, and, Praxi, his sweetheart has married someone else. A story of foolish valour and the futility of violence, this novel will rip at your heart. In telling the story of Cyprus' war of attrition, it shows how no amount of love can ever be enough to stop a nation at war with itself.

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July 1, 2011

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May 21, 2010

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