The Absent Therapist: Penguin Special

Will Eaves

The Absent Therapist is a book of soundings, a jostle of voices that variously argue, remember, explain, justify, speculate and meander . . . Sons and lovers, wanderers,...

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The Adolescent Country: A Lowy Institute Paper: Penguin Special

Peter Hartcher

Drawing on exclusive interviews with prime ministers, foreign ministers and other policy-makers, Gold Walkley award–winning journalist peter Hartcher argues Australia needs to...

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The Coal Face: Penguin Special

Tom Doig

The Coal Face is a gripping and immediate report of one of the worst environmental and public health disasters in Australian history.

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Written by some of our most exciting thinkers and storytellers, Penguin Specials are small books filled with big ideas. Escape, learn and explore, all in the space of your lunch break. 

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