How to Have a Beer

How to Have a Beer

By  Alice Galletly

Drinking beer is a Kiwi pastime. But how many of us are really beer geeks? Who actually knows what Reinheitsgebot is? Alice Galletly has the answer to this and much more in her wonderfully witty and informative book How to Have a Beer – the fourteenth in Awa Press’s much loved and enduring Ginger Series.

Beer — it’s the world’s favourite alcoholic drink and its popularity is soaring. It has only four key ingredients but fearless brewers are adding countless others, from chocolate and coconut to beardgrown yeast, seaweed and stag semen. As Alice Galletly surveys the growing array in a supermarket, she makes a spur-of-the-moment decision: she will drink and blog about a different beer every day for a year.

While writing her blog Beer for a Year Alice becomes not only a beer nerd and enthusiastic member of the beer community, but briefly a brewer, with a bizarre medieval concoction that contains… ? Read this entertaining book and find out. Alice’s stories and her tips on how to get the most out of every glass of beer will make you roar with happiness, pain, and thirst. Best read with hops on hand.

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