Loving Garbo

The Story of Greta Garbo,Cecil Beaton and Mercedes de Acosta

By  Hugo Vickers

Beautifully illustrated, this brilliant and compelling new biography tells the extraordinary story of Greta Grabo and two of her greatest loves - Cecil Beaton and Mercedes de Acosta.

Greta Garbo's enduring legend derives from her incandescent performances as a woman in love in such classics as Camille, Queen Christina and Grand Hotel. For half a century her apparently reclusive existence enhanced her reputation as a remote and enigmatic screen goddess.

Now, in this beautifully illustrated book, Hugo Vickers tells the remarkable story of Greta Garbo and of the two love affairs that dominated her life: with Cecil Beaton and the notorious Mercedes de Acosta. It is a highly revealing portait of an exotic world - at its centre, an enthrallign and demanding star who gave little in return.

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