The One Moment Master

The One Moment Master

Stillness for people on the go

By  Martin Boroson

One of the best books on the market for attaining a moment's peace in an otherwise busy world

'Absolute peace is available to you in this moment, now. You don't need to have anything else, nor do you need anything else to happen. Real contentment is not a state of mind to be found just on holiday, or when you achieve your goals, or when you get more stuff. It can only be found now, the way things are.' This superbly clear, short and practical book explains how to become the master of each single moment. It's clearly aimed at those of us who are living too fast; are confused about life; who spend hours with our iPods, our mobiles, our laptops, or who never seem to have any mental space. It's life-changing, and very simple and its benefits include becoming: * Less stressed * Better organised * A more effective communicator * Less frantic

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